The Benefits of a Sports Physical Exam from Nearby Urgent Care Clinics

Halloween and health intertwine for a spirited night come October 29 at Seattle’s Green Lake, where the Boogie Nights 5K and Dance Party happens. Put your legs to the test in the 5K run, or walk, around the lake. If you still have the strength, end the night with a costume party, mingle with your neighbors, and dance your heart out inside the Green Lake Community Center.

While it happens to be an event not to miss, you must make preparations before joining the 5K run/walk or any other physical activity. You must be healthy enough to meet the physical challenge and to avoid injury.

To see if your body is prepared, receive a sports physical exam from a Northgate urgent care clinic. Also known as a pre-participation physical examination, a sports physical offers multiple benefits.

Physical Exam

Assesses Current Health Condition 

When you are examined, doctors can determine whether you’re fit enough for your chosen physical activity. A medical condition unbeknownst to you, whether asthma or high blood pressure, may prevent your participation in the activity. A sports physical can detect these hidden maladies and prevent a medical crisis during the event.

Prevents Complications

Because a sports physical is able to assess your current condition, you will be able to treat issues to prevent them from worsening. The doctors can prescribe medicines and suggest ways to safely participate in an activity without exceeding your body’s capabilities.

Monitors Your Health 

Depending on your regularity of receiving sports physicals and other exams, you and your doctor can track the progression of your health. In case you have been diagnosed with an ailment, the doctor can compare your current condition to previous exam results. This enables a doctor to determine the best course of action to fast track your recovery and enhance your health.

Ensures Safe Participation 

There are conditions that may challenge your ability to participate in a physical activity. But, because the sports physical is able to catch this, the doctors can help you find a way to join the activity without aggravating your situation.

For instance, if you have issues with particular joints, the doctor can recommend exercises that allow you to continue training but limit pressure on the ailing joints. You can therefore hone your skills without risking further injury.

These benefits are reason enough to schedule a sports physical with a provider of urgent care in Northgate before partaking in a sporting event.

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