Northgate Urgent Care Center Offers Tips in Case of Animal Bites at Pet Expo

Pet lovers have something to look forward to this summer, thanks to the 3rd Annual Seattle Pet Expo happening at the Washington State Convention Center. You can mark your calendars for June 4th and 5thfrom 10AM to 6PM. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to bring your pet to make new friends, and admission is free.

Animal Bites

However, when attending the eventyou must take care to avoid possible attacks by other animals. Because it’s going to be a big event with a lot of other people and animals, it is inevitable that there will be cases of pets becoming agitated and sometimes aggressive.

First Aid Tips

Should you be in one such unfortunate situation, here are some helpful first aid tips from a local urgent care center in Northgate.

  1. Minor wounds – A minor wound would normally constitute a little scratch or a nip that hardly leaves any mark on the skin. There may be a scratch mark, but if the skin barely breaks, then the damage is very minimal. To treat the minor wound, the first thing that you should dois wash it thoroughly with antibacterial soap and running water. Take care in cleaning the area around the scratch so that you do not further aggravate the injured tissue.
  1. Deep wounds or bites – This is the kind of bite that causes a deep puncture wound, leading to heavy bleeding. To treat the injury, press down on the wounded area with a clean, dry cloth to help stop the bleeding.while you go to the nearest urgent care center in Northgate.
  1. Seek proper medical help – As much as you would love to enjoy the remainder of the Pet Expo, having an animal bite requires immediate care and attention from a medical professionals. After administering basic first aid, it is advised that you go to the nearest Northgate urgent care location, such as U.S. HealthWorks.

Once in the urgent care facility, expect that you will be asked several questions in regards to how the attack happened, and whether you are familiar with the animal or not. It might is also a good idea to get the owner’s contact information prior to going to the clinic since the doctor will need to ensure that the pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

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