Northgate Urgent Care Center Advisory: First Aid for Swimmer’s Ear

With the number of swimming patrons in the local Evergreen Community Aquatic Center increasing this summer, Northgate urgent care centers urge the residents to learn how to apply first aid treatment to swimmer’s ear. As kids are generally more susceptible to this painful infection, it is imperative that parents learn how to give immediate relief so that it wouldn’t escalate in severity.

Though most urgent care facilities in Northgate can give ear drops for affected children, there are still some techniques parents can use to give temporary relief to their young ones.

Below are the most common and effective first aid treatment to swimmer’s ear that anybody can do in the comforts of their own home.

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Technique #1: Use rubbing alcohol

With a clean, unused eye dropper, drop approximately five drops of rubbing alcohol in the infected ear. As the alcohol is a volatile liquid, it will help the trapped water or moisture to evaporate in no time.

This technique is incredibly useful to rid the infected ear of the feeling of blocked or impaired hearing due to swimmer’s ear. However, this technique is not recommended for those who are already feeling some serious pain due to ear inflammation.

Technique #2: Use saline or vinegar solution

For some mildly infected ears, a warm saline or vinegar solution can hold the key to instant relief. With a use of bulb syringe, you can rinse the infected ear with a half-and-half saline or vinegar and body-temperature water.

Others will recommend mixing half rubbing alcohol, quarter white vinegar, and quarter distilled water to slightly acidify the ear canal, thus preventing any infection from escalating.

Technique #3: Chew gum

A surprisingly simple technique to dislodge any trapped moisture within your ear canal is to chew gum. The pressure created by chewing gum can effectively eject the water and provide instant relief to anybody suffering from swimmer’s ear.

Technique #4: Use a hair dryer or blower

Another incredibly easy technique is to use a heat therapy to dry ears. The heat can help evaporate the lodged water trapped in the ear canal. Furthermore, applying heat to the infected ear can alleviate it from feeling pain or discomfort brought by swimmer’s ear.

If you don’t have a hair blower or dryer, a warm cloth pressed against the infected ear will also do the trick. The steam from the hot compress will work just as well.

By following these simple first aid techniques, you can relieve the discomfort that your child will experience with swimmer’s ear. However, it is still highly recommended for parents to consult with a health professional at urgent care centers if symptoms persist.

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