Northgate Urgent Care: Facing a Race that Challenges the Mind and Body

The Seattle Urban Trek is here to put your mind and body to the test. The gates at Safeco Field will open to start a team adventure race that would require you to cover six miles while going through various mental and physical challenges. To finish this course, you have to be prepared mentally and physically. There shouldn’t be any room for injuries that could land you in a Northgate urgent care clinic rather than the finish line.

Northgate Urgent Care

To help you get through this challenge, here are some tips you may want to follow:

Physical Preparation

Avoid sleeping late prior to the event. If you can, take two days off before the event and use that time to relax and recharge. You need to save your energy and a lack of sleep would hamper that. Even if you’re too pumped up on the night before the event, try to get enough rest. Another thing to remember is to eat properly. Have a decent breakfast and drink plenty of fluids, preferably water and sports drink. If the race starts at 8:30 am, arrive at 7:30 am. This way, you have enough time to park your car, register, warm up, and condition yourself before the race begins. Don’t forget to warm up and do some stretching before running and doing any other physical activity. This will help prevent injuries.

Mental Readiness

Fatigue can make you lose your focus and feel like giving up. Fight it with strong will and an alert mind. Throughout your training, find a mantra or a motto that can help motivate you. When running long miles, try to distract your mind from the arduous task at hand by thinking of a movie, an incident, a song, a person, or anything that could keep your head occupied. During your training, it’s also best to take on mental challenges and tests such as puzzles and crosswords to sharpen your cognitive skills, which are necessary in getting through this race.

Being prepared both mentally and physically is your ticket to success in this event. Following these tips can help you achieve that level of preparedness. But, you need to be mindful of your condition throughout the race. You have to know the difference between fatigue pain and injury. If you got hurt, seek immediate help from a provider of urgent care in Northgate.

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