Walk in Clinic in Seattle Finds Walking Very Healthy

The Seattle Home Show is one of the first opportunities for local residents to look at landscape options, learn more about home fixtures and look at exhibits. In addition to getting ready for spring, the event represents an opportunity to get out of the house and get moving. What are some of the benefits that you get from walking?

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Sitting Can Literally Kill You

Sitting for several hours at a time is the equivalent of smoking one or two packs of cigarettes per day. While we all know the dangers of smoking, the dangers of sitting are not as apparent. However, getting up and moving for even 30 minutes a day for two or three days a week can significantly improve your health, as an urgent care provider in Northgate will tell you.

Build Endurance and Improve Lung Capacity Through Consistent Moving

If you have asthma, walking on a regular basis can help you improve your lung capacity. In some cases, it may even be possible to minimize or eradicate your asthma through regular exercise.

Even if you don’t have any breathing problems, you may find that you are winded or otherwise tired just by walking up a few flights of stairs or chasing after your dog in the yard. Walking on a regular basis will improve your endurance and increase your energy level.

Walking Is Easy and Fun at the Same Time

All you need to do to get the benefits of walking is to get up and start moving. Simple activities such as walking your dog or taking a walk around the mall each day can help you get your steps in without feeling like you are working out. For those who may not be able to walk because of a disability, anything that you can do to get your heart rate elevated can be beneficial to your overall health.

Walking can be great for both your health and your social life. However, if you ever have trouble breathing or hurt yourself while doing so, a walk in clinic in Northgate is there to help. Within minutes, you can be seen by a doctor who may be able to diagnose your condition and help you begin the recovery process as soon as possible.


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