Vetting an Exercise Plan with a Seattle Northgate Urgent Care Center

Seattle residents are supposed to be one of the healthiest in the country, as many in this city engage in physical activities that improve their health and well-being, according to a feature article in The Huffington Post’s Living Well, On Location series. Laura Schocker writes:

Seattle Teach

“Seattlelites are among the most likely to bike or walk to work in the country (and you might too if the beautiful Burke-Gilman Trail was among your commute options).

Residents of Seattle are down with downward dog. One Forbes ranking of the top U.S. cities for yoga put Seattle in the number two spot: “Seattle-area residents are 46 percent more likely to do yoga than the general population,” they report.

Yoga doesn’t get all the action: According to a ranking released by the American College of Sports Medicine in 2013, Seattle is among the top 10 fittest cities in the country, Time reported.”

Before engaging in any exercise or extensive physical activity, however, Seattle residents should seek medical advice to determine whether a particular physical activity is right for them. The change from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one must be carefully structured, especially for those interested in vigorous exercises or sports. Centers for urgent care in the Seattle Northgate district can help them transition safely into a healthy and active lifestyle.

There are risks to not planning an exercise regimen before starting it. Some conditions, such as a recent surgery, arthritis, heart attack or stroke, may restrict activity to a minimum. Intense fitness routines or contact sports will be inappropriate for people who have experienced these conditions. Likewise, those with chronic ailments like asthma, hypertension and diabetes may encounter problems, despite taking maintenance medication, if they are not properly guided.

When meticulously planned, exercise is beneficial to urban dwellers. Even chronic diseases in their early stages can be controlled with aerobics and cardiovascular workouts. Together with modifications in diet, exercise helps maintain body weight and prevent diseases.

Medical clearance to pursue an exercise or sports plan can be provided by U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group local Northgate, Seattle walk-in clinic.

(Source: What Seattle Can Teach The Rest Of The Country About Living Well, The Huffington Post, February 1, 2014)