Urgent Care in Northgate, Seattle: A Convenient and Affordable Option

When people are sick or injured these days, hospitals are no longer the only place where they can get treatment. People may also visit a Northgate, Seattle urgent care clinic for medical care. Back in 2010, Medical Economics observed that these so-called “walk in clinics” have been steadily gaining popularity over the years. One of its articles state:

“The popularity of “walk-in” clinics has jumped 7% since 2008 and is expected to keep increasing, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive/HealthDay.

Nearly 30% of consumers surveyed say they have obtained care from a walk-in clinic over the past 2 years; roughly 20% visited a retail clinic, and 11% received care from a work-based clinic.

Younger consumers were more likely to visit a walk-in clinic, with 40% of consumers aged 25 to 29 years using such facilities compared with 15% of those aged at least 65 years.”

The primary reason for this spike is the affordability that urgent care centers offer. In a related article on The Atlantic, emergency room visits are reported to easily cost thousands of dollars, even for non-life-threatening conditions like back pain or urinary tract infection.

Urgent Care in Northgate, Seattle: A Convenient and Affordable Option

Many patients also appreciate the convenience of going to an urgent care clinic. Some outlets are open until 7pm when most other clinics have long closed, so people can still get medical attention even during off-clinic hours. Of course, these facilities also live up to their moniker of “walk in clinics” as patients no longer need to schedule appointments before dropping by.

When getting urgent care in Seattle, Northgate residents should visit only trusted clinics to get the best service possible. Fortunately, U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group has clinic that serves the area.

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